Tantra love making is a unique experience in the Present

Tantric love making is prolonged

Tantra love making or tantric love making is lovingful and prolonged in the Present. The experience is called Maithuna, a word from Sanskrit. Tantra is an attitude to life that is applicable to all facets of life, including your sexuality experience.

Tantra love making is intense

Maithuna is the most beautiful, intense love experience you can experience as partners. Full of surrender, feeling, trust and purposelessness, you can stay for an extended period of time in an ecstatic flow called orgasmic state.

What do you do in tantric love making?

As women (Shakti) and men (Shiva), you let go of the goal of orgasm. As a result, you enter the orgasmic state. This is without having to, in a timeless dimension where you want to stay for a long time.

For everyone?

Tantric love making can be learned by anyone in the online course on tantric love making. You will first learn the techniques, after which it moves on to intuitive love making to move fully in flow to the orgasmic state. Step by step you go on a journey of discovery where your life energy flows between the chakras to become one big energetic whole.

What do you need?

Time is an important success factor because you can have sex for hours, even going to the bathroom in between. You remain in the orgasmic state even then. All supplies are described in detail.
Music supports the construction of the experience. Tantric for Life has added a playlist in the course for a 6-hour experience. Even though this may sound long, the time goes faster than you expect because you are staying in a time- and space-less dimension. The energy flow continues to work for days after your Maithuna journey.

Tantra love making, what could be more pleasurable!